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My Master Key Experience

March 24, 2016
by David Bernstrom

Week 24 – Truth and Orchids

orchid beeTruth has vital principle.  That we as humans have the “will” to choose, is truth.  For if we were forced to love the Father, well……. ? …….

We can choose to love, serve, believe or not. 

As I now commence in taking what I have learned from this Incredible Master Key Experience, a course like no other, I am thrilled knowing there are 3 special spiritual truths I take with me.

1)  I have found my long sought after purpose and the power within to manifest it using visualization, autosuggestion and much more.

2)  The Power of my subconscious in accessing infinite intelligence in silence.

3)  I am closer to my Savior than I ever imagined possible. 

Please allow me to explain my thoughts, my truths, how the whole of this course climaxing in week 24, has been the catalyst of change in me.

In our week 21 webinar, Trish shared her then 5 year old son’s statement:

orchid“God is everything”

From Haanel, we learn spirit is the only reality, that spirit is mind and is intelligent. There is no place where spirit is not.  Spirit is in us, “it is our very life”.  It is as promised when Jesus states, “I am the way the Truth and the life” (John 14:6).  I accepted Christ as my savior when I was 16.  For decades, I have known the Holy Spirit was in me.  Today, my relationship with Him is alive and invigorating……. Haanel’s answer to question 10, week 24…….. Wow…….

This week we also had a supplemental Video.  I am not a physicist, however when I watched the Quantum double slit experiment with one electron shot at a time, while not being observed, it  created a wave pattern…  When it was “observed”, the electron “decided” to act differently, as though “aware it was being watched”… well, that “blew my mind”… “God is everything”… we just have to choose……


In my “dash”, I am service driven and an “Observer” of Truth.

Words cannot express my gratitude for the Master Key Experience and my many friends here.  I love you all…….

March 17, 2016
by David Bernstrom

Week 23 – The Easy Button!

easy button  I found the easy button!  I’m grateful, excited, to carry on with the treasures of the Master Key Experience.  It’s been six months of becoming self directed, to discover and uncover “me”.  It’s the pursuit part of my journey, in manifesting my purpose, that get’s me out of bed early.

Six months ago?

Six months ago, I let so many things influence my life, T.V., family, friends, the News channel, etc., etc..  With all of that and some habits I wasn’t even aware of, I had no compass course, I was a ship tossed by the wind, without a captain.  In business, I was interested in “what’s in it for me?”

treasure chestAnd now?…What’s the great treasure?

Well… that would be my brain… how to use it, how to think, how to access the “live wire”….Yep, the Silence.  The silence is what feeds my spirit, I need it just as I need air to breathe.

In business, I am interested in what’s in it for my partners, how I can be of service to them, how can I help them get what they want?  How can I help God’s little ones, a person at the grocery store or a friend? 

fun einsteinI see serving others as the law of least effort, it’s my “easy button”… The receiving?… Well, it sort of sneaks up behind you.

I’m grateful for my Savior, “the Source”, more than ever before.  I am focused, accelerating into the me I was created to be.  I carry my compass with me at all times, as a reminder to stay focused on my journey because it matters.

As a child, I loved giving to others.  Somewhere along the way, the world got a hold of me… those days are gone… I found the Key, it’s the easy button.

I am grateful for all of you, my dear mastermind friends.


March 10, 2016
by David Bernstrom

Week 22A – Gifts of Powerful Silence

week 22A pic  Gifts… Many Gifts… especially the gifts of powerful silence.  Here at the tail end of the 24th week in the Master Key Experience I took another quick look back to remember who I was six months ago.  Gratefulness is what I feel towards those who have put this “course like no other” together, as well as my fellow MKMMA friends for which I’ve had the pleasure of sharing this journey.

We were offered to take a challenge of being silent for days at a time… no phone, no talking, no social media, no T.V. etc..  With 2 days of beautiful silence, I have no words to express the unveiling of magnificence found in my world within.  

I am happy, healthy and feel terrific, knowing I am “guided by my inner compass”.  My Definite Major Purpose is rushing towards me.  After watching Wattles “The Science of Getting Rich” several times, it’s like getting acceleration beyond the tipping point.  As Mark J says, we need to hear something 7 different times from 7 different people… 

What is it I needed to hear?  It is best said in Mark 11:24: “What soever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Therein, lies the power.

Week 22A pic2  Six months ago, I was aware that I needed work, changes in my world within.  I had no idea that all the exercises, which in the beginning I didn’t fully understand, would lead to “the uncovering” of who I was created to be.

Today, and every day from now on, I will cherish and use what I have learned through this course.  I feel like a college graduate who now looks at the world with polished tools of love and gratitude.  I am enjoying each new day more than I ever dreamed possible.

Thank you MKMMA and so many I’ve grown to love on this journey… Carry on… finish, and finish strong throughout this life.  I wish you all Love, Health and Wealth and Powerful Silence.

MKMMA for Life

March 3, 2016
by David Bernstrom

Week 22 – Silence

Silence… Day 3 begins.  As I sat with my cup of coffee this morning, 2 thoughts came to mind.

1)  Day 1… my purpose came into clear focus without the “chatter”… amazing…….

2)  Day 2… I realized mindless talk is cheap.  Silent focused thoughts are priceless……..

Back next week, to share more in detail… Thank you all… Shalom






February 25, 2016
by David Bernstrom

Week 21 – Miracles – a baseball and God – an R2A2

 R2A2… Recognize, Relate, Assimilate and Apply.

What? Use Fear as a tool?

In last Sunday’s webinar I recognized 3 significant moments.

1)  Albert Einstein’s life defining moment in his multiple choice Question.  My choice was the 2nd… “I live my life as though Everything is a miracle.”

2)  Mark spoke of the 10 year old who miraculously stayed in the batter’s box, overcoming his fear.

3)  Trish’s 5 year old son stating… “Mommy, I think I know what God is”…….“God is everything”.

Here is my short story in R2 A2ing those moments in my life.

When I was 15 my major purpose was  baseball.  In a night game, what we call a “wicked shot” was hit at me as I played second base.  It took a “bad hop”, broke my nose, swelled both eyes shut and within a few minutes I was in the emergency room. 

The following spring, my coach took me out to the practice field and began hitting “wicked shots” at me with a “fungo” bat.  After blocking 66 in a row, the 67th went under my glove.  Coach said “your’e good, hit the shower”.  I had welts over my entire body, but none on my face… By having fear to overcome and overcoming it, we become stronger. Thank you Coach Shearer.  At 20, a shoulder injury ended my career, including a full ride baseball scholarship to an engineering school.

Coach Shearer top far right…….Me middle 3rd from left, staring into space

I carried the visible imprint of baseball seams on my face for 7 years.

The next 2 years I had the privilege of loving and helping care for my dying mother. She passed in my arms at 56 years young. I would not trade the time with her for anything, including baseball, for she is the one who showed me “God is Everything.”

I am grateful for Christ and for the MKMMA.  Everything is a miracle, including recognizing that my higher self has the tools to achieve my Definite Purpose.

P.S. a special thank you to my friend Don Grantham who inspired me to do my first video. Don’s Blog.